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Age simulation suit GERT
The age simulation suit GERT creates the experience old age. GERT is the old age simulator for universities, seminaries, institutes and companies.

Aiken - McGrath SeniorNet Learning Center
The mission of the McGrath SeniorNet Learning Center at USC Aiken is to help adults (age 50 and older) improve their computer skills, regardless of their current experience level.

Australasian Centre on Ageing
The Australasian Centre on Ageing (ACA) was established in 2001 at the University of Queensland (UQ) with the support of the Seniors' Interests Branch in Queensland's Department of Families, the Vice-Chancellor's Strategic funds, and the Faculties of Social and Behavioural Sciences and Health Sciences. The Centre integrates and focuses research expertise in human ageing from across the university and links it with government and community priorities, to form a world class international centre of research excellence.

Australian Association of Gerontology
The AAG was formed 40 years ago on 10 June 1964 in Canberra at the Australian National University. Sir John Eccles, a Noble Prize winner, gave the inaugural address on the Physiology of Ageing. There were 47 founder members present, including myself. Many of these have passed on, or have disappeared from public view. However, two of them: David Wallace and Dick Gibson have their names remembered in addresses at the AAG. National Conferences. Dick Gibson also lends his name to a Travelling Fellowship for invited speakers and to Research Grants for students of gerontology.

Australian Study of Geriatric Medicine
The Australian Study of Geriatric Medicine deals with all of the aging issues of older people. In the 1950′s and the 1960′s the first Geriatric program began. ‘Why is there a difference in medicine for older people?’ In general, there are certain medications that can cause serious problems if an older person were to take them but some doctors may not be aware of this so an older person may need the advice of a Geriatrician.

At Bel Marra we are committed to helping people lead healthier lives. We believe the one way to do this is to explore and unearth natural secrets and provide this information so that individuals can support healthy lifestyles. By providing up-to-date health news stories, along with natural remedies and health tips, reader’s can take control of their health naturally.

Bellevue - SeniorNet of Puget of Puget Sound
SeniorNet of Puget of Puget Sound is an all volunteer organization whose mission is to establish and operate a learning center to provide basic computer education to fellow seniors, age 50 and older. Our goal is to provide, at minimal cost, computer literacy to any senior willing to learn.

Cary - Cary SeniorNet Learning Center
SeniorNet's mission is to provide older adults education for and access to computer technologies to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Center on Aging at West Virginia University Robert C. Byrd Health Sciences Cente
The WVU Center on Aging works to improve the health, wellbeing and security of older people and those who care for them, in West Virginia and across the nation, through research, education, clinical service, technology and advocacy.

Chapel Hill - Chapel Hill Personal Computer Classes
SeniorNet's mission is to provide older adults education for and access to computer technologies to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Costa Mesa Senior Center :: Computer Classes
Costa Mesa Senior Center, Computer Classes

Danbury - Danbury SeniorNet Learning Center
The Danbury SeniorNet Learning Center (DSLC), serving the greater Danbury area, provides a friendly, low-pressure environment where students can learn to use computers and share computing experiences.

Fountain Hills - Fountain Hills SeniorNet
SeniorNet provides adults 50+ access to and education about computer technology and the Internet to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom.

Greenwich - Greenwich SeniorNet
We provide computer training in Greenwich, CT, (both for the PC and Apple Mac) for senior citizens as well as others.

Hilo SeniorNet Learning Center
Hilo SeniorNet Learning Center - Seniors Teaching Seniors Computer Skills

Hot Springs - Hot Springs SeniorNet Learning Center
The Hot Springs SeniorNet Learning Center is one of over 140 SeniorNet locations throughout the U.S. and is based on the belief that helping older adults acquire and apply computer literacy skills will not only enhance their self-esteem but will also allow them to access a world of information available in today's technology oriented society. The Hot Springs SeniorNet Learning Centers 100% volunteer staff is intent on accomplishing the SeniorNet National organization's mission of helping senior adults gain computer skills and technology to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge.

La Mirada - La Mirada SeniorNet Learning Center
The La Mirada SeniorNet Learning Center is a friendly, pressure-free environment in which students can endeavor to learn the use of personal computers (PC) and share their computing experience and expertise with others.

Lakehead University - Centre for Education and Research on Aging & Health
Established to facilitate a collaborative effort to learn more about the aging process and its relation to health and well-being. Includes descriptions of programs, publications and research initiatives.

Medina - Medina SeniorNet
SeniorNet is a national, non-profit educational organization with headquarters in Herndon, VA. Their goal is to help set up Learning Centers across the Unites States and to provide detailed lesson plans for most classes. The Medina Learning Center is a part of that national organization. Our primary goal is to bring computer instruction to adults age 50 and older.

Minneapolis - Seniornet Minneapolis
We provide low cost computer courses for people over 50 in a supportive learning environment.
In our classes you learn from mature teachers with sufficient coaches to assure you receive a positive learning experience.

National Ageing Research Institute
The National Ageing Research Institute Incorporated was opened in June 1994. Previously it had been known as the National Research Institute of Gerontology and Geriatric Medicine.

New York - SeniorNet New York
Computer courses for senior citizens are offered by New York Seniornet at the JCC in Manhattan. Classes are for beginners and advanced students.

Norwegian Centre for Research, Education and Service Development
The Norwegian Centre of Dementia was established in 1997 as a medical resource centre. After the reorganization of specialist services in 2002, the Centre was organized under the Psychiatry Department in Vestfold Heath Authority and the Medical Division of Ullevaal University Hospital. At the start of the year 2007, the name of the Centre was changed to the Norwegian Centre for Dementia Research.

Peoria - Peoria Area SeniorNet
Peoria Area SeniorNet is an all volunteer organization of seniors, fifty and older. Our goal is to promote computer literacy among seniors. To accomplish our goal we offer classes and seminars on computers, various software products, and other computer-related topics. Classes are offered twice a year, spring and fall.

Providence - The Center for Gerontology and Health Care Research
The mission of the center is to enhance the quality of life of persons with chronic illnesses, especially older adults, through both methodological and substantial research. The research focus, both basic and applied, draws upon the social sciences as well as the clinical disciplines.

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