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1010 Net/Soft Systems
Canadian company offers biometric systems design and integration.

123 Cleaner
Protects privacy by cleaning tracks on the Internet and protecting personal information.

An ActiveX control which provides an easy and secure way to create a time-limited trial version of the application.

Disaster recovery

Iron Mountain Incorporated (NYSE:IRM) helps organizations around the world reduce the costs and risks associated with information protection and storage.

A Proactive Password Checker
Paper by M. Bishop, 1991. The author describes a technique, and a mechanism, to allow users to select passwords which to them are easy to remember but to others would be very difficult to guess. [Postscript]

Offers a Delphi code library for protecting programs against debugging.

AISA Portal
The Australian Information Security Association (AISA) is an Australian representative industry body for the information security profession.

AcSys Biometrics Corp.
Provider of neural technology applications for the financial, manufacturing, security and medical sectors. Owns exclusive worldwide HNet license for face and speech recognition applications.

Application that monitors the PC activity in total stealth mode while online and offline by taking screenshots, keeping key logs, including chats, e-mail, web sites visited, and emails results to any address that is specify.

Active Privacy
Software which prevents personal identifying information being tracked while using the Internet.

Provides information security consultation and services as well as programme management and compliance consulting.

Acunetix Web Vulnerability Scanner
Scans for common security vulnerabilities such as SQL injection, cross site scripting and other web vulnerabilities.

Aditech Ltd
Supply a wide range of iris recognition solutions, including access control, attendance systems and custom identification packages. Site provides details of the sales, service and technical support available.
Improves Internet experience by removing Spyware, BHOs, Browser Hijackers, Dialers and other pest programs.

Advanced IP Scanner
Free utility for Windows which scans for HTTP, HTTPS, FTP and shared folders.

Alconost Software
Software for distribution protection and preparing key floppy disks.

Alderbridge Consultancy Ltd
Provides IT security consultancy services specialising in network security, firewalls, and vulnerability assessment.

Alexandria - Gateway File Systems Inc.
The Gateway File Systems Internet information Facility for Trusted document Security (GIFTS™) is an Internet-based information management solution.

Almex Ltd. USA
Hand and fingerprint recognition devices vendor.

Amethyst Risk Management Limited
Provision of information security and system safety consultants for government and commercial clients. Specialising in the identification and management of risk.

Ammonet Secure
Browser-based encrypted transmission of credit card and cheque details to a secure database for later, off-line processing.

Angry IP Scanner
A freeware IP scanner for Windows. Display NetBIOS information, MAC address; save result to CSV, TXT, HTML or XML file.

Anonymous. Private E-mail Address.
Anonymizing Email Activities. Sending E-mails anonymously securely and snoop-proof. All mail messages are encrypted. Sender's identity is confidential.

Antivirus Support
Offer antivirus programs to help you in choosing only the best virus protection for your PC.

Network-based, discovery and vulnerability database assessment scanner.

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