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Global provider of product development and support services to the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device industries.

ASI Business Solutions, Inc
Providing pharmaceutical and healthcare sales and marketing solutions.

Advance MarketWoRx LLC
Providing pharmaceutical marketing solutions and specializing in consumer and healthcare strategy, marketing, and business growth.

Advanced Catheter Engineering, Inc
Specializing in the creation of cutting edge surgical and catheter-based technologies.

Anakena Pharma Marketing
Internet marketing and strategy for the pharmaceutical industry.

The online resource for drug pricing and deal information.

Applied Pharmaceutical Research APR
Partner in drug delivery technologies providing to pharmaceutical companies with innovative and patented products.

ArgenT Rx Solutions
Provides decision support and marketing consulting services for pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies.

Arthur M. Horowitz & Associates
Provides services on pre-FDA inspection, standard operating procedures, training, eyewitnesses, and more.

Aureus Sciences
A knowledge management system designed for drug discovery research.

BMC Communications
Public relations firm specializing in the biopharmaceutical industry. Offers strategic counseling for emerging companies on media coverage, product positioning, crisis management, mergers and acquisitions, and corporate communications.

Beckloff Associates, Inc.
Pharmaceutical research and development organization providing scientific regulatory strategies and development services.

BioClinical Medical Writing
Provides medical writing and SAS programming services for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries.

Provides enterprise business solutions for life science companies.

Biolink International
Japan-based consulting firm that meets the challenge of business growth through specialized services with a focus on pharmaceutical, bio-venture, and technology-based firms.

Biomechanics Research & Consulting, Inc.
Specializes in injury biomechanics, research, and analysis in automotive, sport/recreation, and occupational accidents.

Biomedical Device Consultants and Laboratories
Provides consulting and testing services to small and large medical device companies worldwide.

Biomedical Systems
Independent research institute specializing in the planning, development, implementation and reporting of major clinical research programs in Spain.

Biovantage Consulting, Inc.
Provides regulatory support to medial device, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries with a focus on FDA, gmp and iso 9000 requirements.

Boston Analytical, Inc
Pharmaceutical testing laboratory performing stability studies, method development and validation, and release, dissolution, and microbiological testing services.

Boston Analytical, Inc
Pharmaceutical testing laboratory performing stability studies, method development and validation, and release, dissolution, and microbiological testing services.

Business Development: Accelerating the Deal PH118
A pharmaceutical benchmarking study of business development with a focus on BD resources, alliance management capabilities, specialized sub-functions, aligning with pipeline needs, and avoiding common pitfalls.

Business Science & Technology Co.
Provides consulting and marketing services from a science and technology viewpoint for the pharmaceutical, medical device, health care, biology, and food industries.

Cetan Technologies
Providing the pharmaceutical industry with computer system validations and online information.

Chemic Laboratories, Inc.
Providing analytical testing.

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