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Shaker Heights - Shaker Clinic A leading provider of outpatient mental health treatment for adults and seniors, Shaker Clinic provides comprehensive treatment services designed to relieve the symptoms of those suffering from mental, emotional, behavioral, and memory loss issues.Shaker Clinic

Marriage Counseling
Our network of marriage and individual therapists work with individuals, couples, families, adults, teens, and children. The Marriage Counseling' & Therapy Network is a distinguished internet based solution with our state of the art search engine, potential clients will find your practice, based on their needs and & your specialties, filling your practice with focused, motivated clients.Marriage Counseling

The Cabin Melbourne
We provide comprehensive holistic treatment for drug and alcohol addiction as well as process addictions, such as compulsive eating, gambling, and sex addiction. Our focus is on providing convenient, accessible, effective treatment that fits our clients’ lives while protecting their confidentiality. The Cabin Melbourne offers free and highly confidential assessments. The Cabin Melbourne

Doctor-Assisted Suicide -- A Guide to Web Sites and the Literature
There are many vantage points from which to consider doctor-assisted suicide. Any serious consideration of the topic physician-assisted suicide inevitably draws from ethics and medical ethics, law, medical practices, philosophy, psychology, public policy, and religion as one explores questions surrounding the central issue of the right to die.

Dr. Marc Feldman's Munchausen Syndrome
I am a psychiatrist and author from Birmingham, Alabama. MUNCHAUSEN SYNDROME is the most severe and chronic form of my area of specialty, FACTITIOUS DISORDER. Munchausen syndrome, factitious disorder, and the other phenomena described here are well-recognized among psychiatrists, but they have not received the attention—or advocacy among consumers, families, and professionals—that have greeted more common ailments such as depression. However, factitious disorder can be every bit as disabling, and further public and professional education is vital.

Online Directory of Psychiatrists and Psychologists
Psychiatrists, Psychologists, and other licensed doctoral level professionals are easily found at , a unique, worldwide, and free online directory, currently displaying web pages of over 700 licensed professionals in 150 mental health subspecialties and 25 languages. Listings are always accessible, updated and dignified, and many include links to other informative sites. Clinicians can apply for a free webpage and listing. Search by name, specialty, location and language, at no charge. Find your best match!

Oregon Friends of C. G. Jung
OFJ is an all-volunteer organization dedicated to exploring the ideas of C.G. Jung. Since 1974, we have been presenting lectures and workshops in Portland led by Jungian analysts from around the world. We welcome lay and professional people of all levels of familiarity with Jung’s work. Members receive free admission to seven lectures and our Light-hearted Evening, discounts on workshops, and other benefits. Non-members are welcome at all lectures and workshops.

Psicologia Nu
Search engine and directory about psychology and related topics.

The Anger Coach
The Anger Coach is a leading provider of anger management classes in Orange and Long Beach, California for adults, couples and the workplace. Weekly and weekend intensive classes, as well as individual consultation by Ph.D. psychologist. Free reports and videos to help you control your anger. Sign up for free newsletter.

The Dream Interpretatation Center
The Dream Interpretation Center. Learn how to decode and understand the meaning in your dreams in a positive environment.

Unstress Yourself - Stress Management Tips
Unstress Yourself is a well-being site dedicated to helping you cope with stress, anxiety, depression, and panic attacks with practical, motivating information.
Revolutionary character development. Complete text of "Inner Medicine" available free online. The future of self improvement!

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