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Andy's Scribblings
Newsletter by a British-based author. Includes an archive and the Spittoon weblog.

Learn to convert healthy lifestyle principles into practice.

Awaken the Diet Within
Get diet and healthy weight loss plans and tips from Julia Havey.

BIG Vitamin Dictionary
Simplifies information about vitamins, minerals, herbs, and other nutritional supplements in dictionary format.

Back To Natural Health
Dr. WR Meeks. Dedicated to improve life emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually with natural medicine. A nutritional guide.

Body Fat Guide, The
Ron Brown offers methods to analyze body composition and energy balance, weight loss secrets, and muscle-building exercises.

Burn Fat and Build Muscles Fast
Offers free fitness tips and ebooks containing the secrets of losing fat and building muscles fast revealed by the personal trainer of top models, international male pageant winners, actors, and other celebrities.

Burn The Fat, Feed The Muscle
Tom Venuto's natural diet program teaches users how to lose fat without drugs or supplements.

Business Plan for the Body
By Jim Karas. Utilizes a business plan model to assist readers in devising effective strategies to manage their health and weight.

Captain Vino's Wine Stuff
Offers news and feature articles. Also includes a glossary and a discussion forum.

ChinaLegacy: Three Steps to Lose Weight
Offering a book which asserts that obesity isn't caused by eating too much but by a deficiency in transforming the energy intake.

Cooking Athlete
Marinas Leidenschaften sind Kochen und Sport. In ihrem Blog stellt sie verschiedene Ernährungsformen und unterschiedliche Rezepte vor, die sich vor allem für Sportler eignen.
Online version of noted British wine magazine features wine news and views, a wine auction price tracker, a wine forum and subscription information.

Free monthly E-Magazine. Articles about wine tasting and online wine guide. Wine and brandy reviews, polls and forum.

Diet Dabbler
Site features diet book reviews.

Eat Stop Eat
Brad Pilon's book that tells how to lose weight with flexible intermittent fasting.

Eating For Healing
A cookbook compiled from my trials and tribulations with changing diets to eat healthier and from natural means.

Experience a Brand New Body
By John Pappas. Discusses how to achieve one's genetic best through personalized exercise and nutrition programs.

Experience a Brand New Body
By John Pappas. Discusses how to achieve one's genetic best through personalized exercise and nutrition programs.
Offering an online e-book showing how to lose weight and eat all you want, including fast food.

Fat-FairyGodmother's Website
Featuring the book: Eat It All and Be Thin Forever.

Feast and Fast Diet
Diet combines the beneficial effects of weight loss, increased longevity, improved heath, peaceful sleep, and more.

Feel Good Food Guide
Recipes for healthy living with food allergies, free of sugar, wheat, eggs, yeast, corn, diary, and soy.

Food & Wine Magazine
Popular American publication covering culinary and vinous topics. Wine section features informational articles, interactive food pairing, and a wine search.

Food Medication Interactions Handbook
Reliable, user-friendly resource on food and drug interactions. Used in 1500 hospitals and 400 college courses. Eleventh Edition published 2000.

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