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Medicare, Health Insurance, Medicaid, Part D Doughnut Hole, Prescription Drug Coverage

About Medicare Part D - NC Division of Medical Assistance
North Carolina Information about the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

Aetna Medicare Plans
Learn more about our plans below that may be offered by your former employer.

Alaska Department of Health and Social Services
Medicare Information

Almanac of Policy Issues Medicare
Along with Medicaid, Medicare is one of the nation's primary health insurance programs and, in many ways, it has been one of the federal government's most significant success stories. It provides coverage to nearly 39 million people, or about 14 percent of Americans and nearly every senior aged 65 or older. By comparison, before Medicare was enacted in 1965 just 56 percent of seniors had hospital insurance.

American Hospital Association Medicare
Medicare is a federal health insurance program established by the US Congress in 1965 as Title 18 of the Social Security Act. Coverage began in July of 1966. Medicare is designed to assist individuals aged 65 and older, some disabled individuals under the age of 65, as well as patients with end-stage renal (kidney) disease (ESRD).

Australia Medicare
The Department of Human Services is responsible for the development of service delivery policy and provides access to social, health and other payments and services. It was created on 26 October 2004 as part of the Finance and Administration portfolio. The Human Services Legislation Amendment Act 2011 integrated the services of Medicare Australia, Centrelink and CRS Australia on 1 July 2011 into the Department of Human Services.

Australian Medicare Local Alliance
It’s a new era for health with 61 Medicare Locals creating pathways for patients to bring about better access to frontline health services locally.

California Department of Aging; The Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Pro
The Health Insurance Counseling and Advocacy Program (HICAP) assists individuals and families with Medicare problems and other health insurance concerns. Over 600 trained and registered volunteer counselors provide objective information on Medicare, Medicare supplement insurance, managed care, long-term care planning and health insurance. Community education and individual counseling are available in all 58 counties.

California Health Advocates
Medicare Policy, Advocacy and Education

Canadian Health Coalition
The Canadian Health Coalition is a public advocacy organization dedicated to the preservation and improvement of Medicare. Our membership is comprised of national organizations representing nurses, health care workers, seniors, churches, anti-poverty groups, women, students and trade unions, as well as affiliated coalitions in 9 provinces and one territory.

Center for Medicare Advocacy
The Center for Medicare Advocacy, Inc. is a national, non profit, non-partisan education and advocacy organization that works to advance fair access to Medicare and to quality health care.

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
To ensure effective, up-to-date health care coverage and to promote quality care for beneficiaries

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Since 1965, a number of changes have been made to CMS programs. A more detailed listing of those changes is at CMS milestones. Moreover, the agencies charged with implementing the programs have changed as well. See agency history for more information about Medicare's early days in Social Security, Medicaid's early days in the Social and Rehabilitative Services Administration, and why they were joined together into one agency in 1977

Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services
Medicare and Medicaid information

Choosing a Medicare HMO Plan:
Before enrolling in a Medicare Advantage (MA) plan (such as an HMO), get as much information as you can. If possible, talk to people you know who are already enrolled in the plan, or ask your doctor about the plan you are considering.

Compare Ohio Medigap Companies
Find the best Medicare Supplement plans

Concept: Medicare
Medicare is a government program that covers most health care costs for people 65 and older, as well as individuals undergoing dialysis treatment for kidney failure. Medicare covers over forty million Americans – around 13% of the U.S. population.

Dear Marci - Q&A About Medicare
Questions and Answers About Medicare

Dental Insurance, Individual Vision Plan, Senior, Medicare Supplement
Offers dental and vision insurance plans as well as burial insurance, Medicare supplements, life insurance for seniors and other insurance products and services.

Detroit - 2012 Medicare Advantage plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield of Michigan
We offer you health care solutions tailored to fit your lifestyle and your specific health goals. Beyond health coverage, you can count on us to provide impactful community initiatives and leadership in improving health care. And we do this for everyone in Michigan. We are all in this together.

Does Medicare Cover Home Care and Skilled Nursing
One of the biggest myths about Medicare is that it pays for long-term care. It doesn't. Medicare covers only limited periods of inpatient care in a skilled nursing facility, and skilled nursing care and therapy at home, under strict guidelines.

EBEC Advisory 03/05 (The Employers Guide to Medicare Part D Outpatient Prescript
An Employer’s Guide to the Medicare Part D Outpatient Prescription Drug Benefit—Notices of Creditable Coverage and the Retiree Prescription Drug Subsidy.

Families USA: The Voice for Health Care Consumers
Families USA is a national nonprofit, non-partisan organization dedicated to the achievement of high-quality, affordable health care for all Americans. Working at the national, state, and community levels, we have earned a national reputation as an effective voice for health care consumers for 25 years

First Coast Services Options, Inc
The Leader In Medicare Administration

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