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Hypertension Treatment

Find professional information on a beta-blocker for the treatment of hypertension.

Visudyne (Verteporfin for injection)

The first drug therapy approved by the Food and Drug Administration for treatment of age-related macular degeneration (AMD)

ALA Dehydratase Deficiency Porphyria : Article by Mark J Shumate, MD, MPH
ALA Dehydratase Deficiency Porphyria - The porphyrias are a group of diseases caused by genetic deficiencies in the activities of the enzymes of the heme biosynthetic pathway. Delta-aminolevulinic acid (ALA) dehydratase porphyria (ADP) is one of this group of diseases and is autosomal recessive. The genetic defect of this disease results in a deficiency in the enzyme ALA dehydratase. This enzyme converts 2 molecules of ALA into the cyclic compound porphobilinogen (PBG), which is a precursor of ...

About Compression Stockings
The premier resource for information about compression stockings, compression stocking aids, and more.

About von Willebrand Disease and treatment for von Willebrand disease
Hundreds of thousands of people in the U.S. have von Willebrand disease. Many of these people, both men and women, are unaware and have never been diagnosed. The information in this section is an introduction and is not presented as comprehensive information about von Willebrand disease.

Academy of Lymphatic Studies
Training, certification, and course options for the management of lymphedema using the Vodder technique.

Accupril is used to treat high blood pressure; this medicine is an ACE inhibitor. Treatment of congestive heart disease may also be done by using Accupril. It can also be used in other circumstances for treatment, as if determined by your doctor.

Acute basophilic leukemia
Case presentation by Prof. John Meletis, University of Athens School of Medicine,Greece

Acute basophilic leukemia
Case presentation, University of Athens, by Prof. John Meletis

Acute monoblastic leukemia, leukemia cutis
Case presentation, University of Athens, by Prof. John Meletis

Acute myeloblastic leukemia - Beau's lines
Case presentation by Prof. John Meletis, University of Athens School of Medicine,Greece

Acute promyelocytic leukemia- DIC
Case presentation by Prof. John Meletis, University of Athens School of Medicine,Greece

Adult Chronic Immune Thrombocytopenic Purpura
A guide for patients. A description of this disease followed by an in depth look.

Agnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia
Agnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia Agnogenic myeloid metaplasia (AMM, primary idiopathic myelofibrosis, myelosclerosis) is a clonal stem cell defect characterized by panmyelosis , progressive bone marrow fibrosis and splenomegaly. It usually appears in middle age to elderly individuals, and only rarely in younger people. There is an equal incidence of agnogenic myeloid metaplasia in males and females.

Agnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia with Myelofibrosis : Article by Asheesh Lal, MBBS
Agnogenic Myeloid Metaplasia with Myelofibrosis - Agnogenic myeloid metaplasia (AMM) is a clonal disorder arising from the neoplastic transformation of an early hematopoietic stem cell. Heuck first described AMM in 1879. AMM is categorized as a chronic myeloproliferative disorder, along with chronic myeloid leukemia, polycythemia vera, and essential thrombocytosis. This disorder is characterized by anemia, bone marrow fibrosis, extramedullary hematopoiesis, leukoerythroblastosis, the presence of teardrop-shaped red cells in peripheral blood, and ...

Agranulocytosis : Article by Ariel Distenfeld, MD
Agranulocytosis - Agranulocytosis is characterized by a greatly decreased number of circulating neutrophils. Severe neutropenia is usually applied to cases with fewer than 500 neutrophils (including bands) per microliter. Agranulocytosis usually refers to cases with fewer than 100 neutrophils per microliter.The reduced number of neutrophils makes patients extremely vulnerable to infection. Cardinal symptoms include fever, sepsis, and other manifestations of infection. Causes can include drugs, chemicals, infective agents, ionizing radiation, immune mechanisms, and genetic aberrations.This chapter is limited to ...

Alberta Lymphedema Learning Association
A not for profit charitable organization that works to make a difference and empower affected individuals and their families to help manage their lymphedema and works from the patient standpoint.

Alcohol toxicaction, megaloblastic anemia
Case presentation, University of Athens, by Prof. John Meletis

Alleviate Menstrual Migraine Headaches
John Lee, MD describes his success in treating migraine headaches that precede the menstrual period with Natural Progesterone.

Alpha2-Plasmin Inhibitor Deficiency : Article by Rajalaxmi McKenna, MD, FACP
Alpha2-Plasmin Inhibitor Deficiency - Platelet disorders and inherited or acquired deficiencies of hemostatic factors (eg, factor VIII, factor IX, or von Willebrand factor [vWF]) lead to excessive bleeding, as is widely recognized. Widespread experience with the use of thrombolytic agents in acute myocardial infarction currently indicates that excess plasmin, generated by thrombolytic drugs, increases bleeding risk. However, the fact that a deficiency of a2-plasmin inhibitor (a2PI), a physiologic inhibitor of fibrinolysis, can lead to excessive bleeding is not widely appreciated.Very.

Amyloidosis, Immunoglobulin-Related : Article by Daniel R Jacobson, MD
Amyloidosis, Immunoglobulin-Related - Immunoglobulin (Ig)-related amyloidosis is a monoclonal plasma cell disorder in which the secreted monoclonal Ig protein forms insoluble fibrillar deposits in 1 or more organs. In nearly all cases, the deposits contain Ig light (L) chains or L chain fragments, termed amyloid L chain type (AL). In a few reported patients, the amyloid deposits instead have contained Ig heavy (H) chains; these are termed amyloid H chain type (AH). Prior to the discovery that the major fibril ...

Anti Phospholipid Antibody Syndrome
This site is intended as a research resource for medical professionals, patients and families who wish to learn more about a little known lethal, yet treatable, blood disorder that causes hypercoagulation.

Artificial Blood: What Is It? Will I Use It?
Development of a hemoglobin-based blood substitute was pursued vigorously by the military as a means to have an oxygen-carrying plasma expander available for battlefield use. Despite research throughout the Vietnam War, a clinically effective blood substitute was unable to be developed.

Ask About Iron
If you have had multiple blood transfusions, or you care for someone who has, you need to know about the risk of iron overload.

Babyworld - pregnancy - complications - rhesus factor problems
When you're pregnant, it's important to know whether your blood is Rhesus positive (Rh+) or Rhesus negative (Rh-). This will be checked from the blood sample that you give at your first antenatal appointment. If you're Rh-, it's important to know whether your partner is Rh- too. If he isn't, there's the possibility that your baby will have a blood group which is incompatible with yours, and this can cause problems.

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