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A Skeptical Consumer’s Look at Chiropractic Claims: Flimflam in Florida?
The Committee for Skeptical Enquiry presents the results of a study into the claims and methods of practitioners in Florida. - A Chiropractor Search Directory
Easily navigate and search our database of over 55,000 listings, and find a chiropractor NEAR you.

Ackermann College of Chiropraktik
Informationen zur Ausbildung zum Chiropraktiker mit Kursterminen und Preisen. Vorgestellt werden außerdem Literatur, Videos und Wandtafeln für Therapeuten.

Active Release Techniques
Active Release Techniques is the provider of the Active Release Techniques (also known as ART).

Allexperts Chiropractor Q&A
Part of the site, which allows you to post questions to chiropractors.

Alternative Medicine Articles
This page is a collection of articles on alternative or complementary forms of health care.

An Introduction to Chiropractic - PubMed
Chiropractic is a health care approach that focuses on the relationship between the body's structure–mainly the spine–and its functioning. Although practitioners may use a variety of treatment approaches, they primarily perform adjustments to the spine or other parts of the body with the goal of correcting alignment problems and supporting the body's natural ability to heal itself.

Association Francaise de Chiropratique
Annuaire des chirorpaticiens et Informations sur la Chiropratique en France, les chiropraticiens et chiropraticiennes., Informations sur la Chiropratique,la colonne vertebrale et la subuxation,annuaires des chiropraticiens

Atlas Kliniek voor Chiropractie
Praktijk in Enschede. Chiropractor is Zegelaar. Nette site met veel informatie over huilbaby's. Gratis inloopspreekuur en pagina in het Duits.

BCA v Singh The Story So Far 3 June 2009
An original account in "Sense About Science" by Simon Singh, who defended a libel action against him by the British Chiropractic Association. June 03, 2009

Back Pain Advisor - the 3 steps for back pain relief
There are 3 simple steps to have long lasting back pain relief, but these must be followed in the correct order. If not then you may find temporary relief is all your achieve.

Back Pain Treatment And Relief for help and information.
Back Pain Treatment And Relief explains all about different types of back problems, their causes, and possible remedies.
Back & Neck's online community was launched as a resource centre for Canadians suffering from chronic neck and back pain. Join us and get the lowdown on neck and back pain from both the experts & every day people just like you. Our team of experts share trustworthy and current health care news, information and solutions to help you live free of pain. Join our community today & receive product coupons, give-aways, expert tips, downloadable resources & more!

Belgische Vereniging van Chiropractors
Met een adressenlijst, veelgestelde vragen en opleidingsmogelijkheden.

Berner Chiropraktoren Gesellschaft
Die Gesellschaft und der Berner Verein Pro Chiropraktik informieren über die Chiropraktik im Kanton Bern. Außerdem werden die Praxen im Kanton aufgelistet.

Blakely Chiropractie
Praktijk in Lelystad. Chiropractor Blakely studeerde af aan de Palmer Chiropractie Universiteit in 1982. Site in Nederlands en Engels.

Breakthrough Coaching
A chiropractic consulting company.

Bund deutscher Chiropraktiker e.V.
Der Berufsfachverband informiert über die Chiropraktik, Ausbildungsmöglichkeiten und den Verein.

This section is a showcase for articles, abstracts, grant proposals and information pertaining to the growing body of Chiropractic Research.

Calgary Chinese Medicine
Chinese medicine is one of the great herbal medicine of the world. is dedicated to provide relevant informations about herbal medicines.
Health information for patients and resources for chiropractors. Includes information and articles.

ChiroACCESS: Welcome!
ChiroACCESS: The online chiropractic community to keep you informed of news, research and other health related information.

ChiroCandy Website Design
$125.00 Chiropractic website design up to 10 pages. Free images and content. Get online and get the word out - Chiropractic Works!

ChiroCentre UK
Health website promoting Chiropractic care and patient information about common musculoskelertal conditions

Developed by professional marketers in the chiropractic community, helps chiropractors to create integrated marketing programs to grow their practices and increase revenues.

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